Your First balloon Ride in Tampa, Florida

Balloon Rides in Tampae

First balloon Ride in Tampa, Florida

The freedom and tranquility that you will experience during your Tampa Balloon Ride will be an adventure unlike any other. See first hand what you have only imagined before.. the world as seen from a bird's eyes view. The beauty of Tampa, Florida will be made more apparent than ever as you gaze down upon the world from above the treetops.

Balloon Rides in Tampa usually begin either in the morning, around the time the sun rises, or in the evening, as the sun begins to set. This is to take advantage of the weather conditions at these times, since mornings and evenings are generally calmer, clearer, and cooler.

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Tampa Balloon Rides


Before you embark, you will be given a detailed flight briefing, and if you choose to, you can help the pilot and the ground crew prepare the hot air balloon for flight. After boarding the balloon's wicker basket, your hot air balloon ride will get underway. The ascent is so gentle that you may not immediately be aware that you have left the ground. Like a feather, you will rise up into the sky, and see for yourself why a hot air balloon ride in Tampa is one of the most gentle and serene ways to travel the friendly skies.

After about an hour in the air, enjoying the majesty and splendor of Florida as seen from the basket of your hot air balloon, you will begin the gentle descent back to earth. Once on the ground, the completion of your flight will usually be celebrated with a champagne toast. We find that this is the perfect way to end balloon rides in Tampa.

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